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Danmar 9822 Hard Shell Helmet with Face Guard

Danmar Products

The 9822 Hard Shell Helmet features a clear, polycarbonate face guard is attached to a lightweight helmet, which is made from shock-absorbent foam inside a hard, ventilated plastic shell. The entire face guard can be pivoted to the top of the helmet for the convenience of the user. It has an eye level opening (1"X 6") for unobstructed vision and a mouth opening (1"x 3 3/4") for maximum ventilation.

  • Foam is coated in vinyl
  • The bottom edge is lined with a strip of soft foam
  • Foam colors: Casa Tan, Pink, Royal Blue, and Black
  • Outer hard shell colors: Creamy White EXCEPT when ordering Black; Black foam comes standard with a Black outer hard shell
  • Black outer shell is NOT available in size XXL
  • If you need an extra long face guard use item 9821 with a 3462 modification instead of a 9822

CUSTOM colors are non-returnable (see color chart). Standard colors listed above are returnable.

Sold each.

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